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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Symposium Final Day

Today was a very long, exhausting, yet rewarding day. When we got to the ICC we had to saddle up for an abundance of rehearsals. We rehearsed 5 songs from 9-10:15. We then had a 20 min break where we could relax and get some food either in the food court on the ground floor, or at 7/11 on the second floor which is a very popular choice for the kids. After the break we were back at it with the massed ringing rehearsals for 45 min. The pieces were sounding really well as we continued to practice.  After the massed ringing rehearsals we listened to the youth choir that had just met one another the first day of the symposium. After the youth choir practiced we listened to the symposium choir which also had met one another on the first day but were playing like they have been together for years. They played Disney songs that everyone enjoyed and some of us sang along with them. We then had lunch which was an hour and the food was very good. I would have to say the pineapple is amazing! After lunch we had another massed ringing rehearsal that lasted for 2 hours. After rehearsing, we had time to change into our concert attire. The final concert was amazing! The pieces were well conducted and I think we played well! After the concert we had to pack away our bells. Some of us were asked to take pictures with members of the audience and their children when we were packing our bells away which was funny. After bell packing we got ready for the banquet. I think the food was very good at the banquet and some of us made friends with the people we were sitting with. They were all very nice. After the banquet we took our bell cases and books out to load the bus. On the bus ride home we presented gifts and cards to our directors to thank them for what they have done for us on the trip. When we got back to the hotel we unloaded our bells and some of us went back to our rooms to relax and go to bed. 


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