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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Symposium Day 2

Today our group had a busy day. After eating breakfeast we headed to the symposium. There we practiced our songs for about an hour. It was hard work but very fun. After that everyone at the symposium headed outside for a group photo. There were a lot of people, but we managed to fit everyone in the photo, even with a sign for the symposium. 
      After more practice we ate a provided lunch that was very good. After lunch we had our first and second workshops. The workshops included classes about games, bell skills, food making, and music. I got to make rice cakes and then had a class on high bell technique. After more practice we had one more workshop. There I did a workshop on Hong Kong snacks which was very fun and very tasty.
         After dinner we headed to exhibits by Malmark and Shulmerich (bell companies). They had cool new instruments that we got to try, like a cylinder-shaped bell that was really cool. Then we had our solo concert. Even though I bet we were all kind of intimidated by how good the other choirs were, I think we did pretty well.
       This was also Eileen's last time conducting Katonah Celebration Ringers, so the end of our concert was sad. She said she wouldn't have wanted to end it any other way. After that we headed back to the hotel after a nice long fun day.


The video is by Emmy Okazawa-Bortolin of Canada; Thanks Emmy! 

We woke up around 7 to go to breakfast around 7:40-50. At 8:15 we met in the lobby to get on the bus and head towards the convention center. The day mostly consisted of sore feet because of the constant standing. We sat every chance we got because today was one of the longest days of the symposium. At lunch we went to the restaurant above the food court. My lunch consisted of rice and fruit but I know a lot of people enjoyed a nice Korean dish. After lunch we had our first workshop and mine was Korean folk dance and game. It was very fun we played a "ninja" type game and found ourselves sweating at the end. Next we had our second workshop and a lot of the kids had Canadian culture. Emmy was actually leading this workshop and we had so much fun learning how to count in French along to a Canadian folk dance! After, we had mass ringing for another hour and a half. Finally we had our last workshop and then DINNER. A much needed energy booster was delicious and I especially enjoyed the sushi and hot wings. After dinner we got changed for our solo concert at 8. Most of us were very nervous about playing to some of the best choirs around. Turns out we really had nothing to be worried about and absolutely nailed it. We played "Visions of peace", "Allegro con motto", and "Meditation". We played the pieces beautifully and recieved a boom of applause after. The moment was also bittersweet for the Katonah choir, because that would be the last time they would be under the conduction of Eileen Lawrence. After the concert we were all pretty much ready to hit the bed. The day couldn't have been more tireing, exciting, long, and rewarding.


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