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Friday, August 8, 2014

Symposium Day 1

Tuesday was our first full day at Jeju island and our first day at the symposium. We woke up at around 8:45, happy to finally sleep in past 7:30 and after breakfast got on the bus to the convention center where the symposium is being held. When we first got there, we took all our bell cases out of the storage room and began to set up our tables in the main hall. After everyone had set up their tables, which happened to be the front two rows, we all gathered for the opening ceremony. Each country represented was introduced, and the president of handbells for the respective country walked in along with their country's flag. Seeing all of the different country's flags in the front of the room really showed just how big an international event this symposium is.  We then had a massed ringing rehearsal in the main hall.  We played bells for an hour and a half and then had a break, then another hour and a half of bells and a break and another hour and a half and then we had dinner. The dinner was one of the better dinners we had because there were more options to choose from.  We then watched a solo concert from another bell choir here. We then went back on the bus to the hotel and went right to bed because we were exhausted. 

-Allison & Courtney

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