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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Symposium Day 3

"The Amazing Day!" -Issac, 8

Today was an amazing day filled with fun new experiences. We started our day by boarding the bus to the ICC at 8:15 and ringing bells for two and a half hours straight. It was a lot of work, but the pieces are starting to sound really good. Around noon, we got on the bus for our half tour of Jeju Island. We first visited Sanbang Mountain. We climbed up a steep stairway all the way up to a cave. Legend says that an ancient Korean  princess was separated from her husband, so she died in the cave from her sadness. Her "tears" still drip from the cave ceiling, and everyone can drink them for good luck. After we were exhausted from our hike up the mountain, we were refreshed with green tea ice cream at the Green Tea Museum. We then visited beautiful spiritual gardens. We enjoyed feeding multitudes of Carp and Koi and looking at the beautiful plants. Then it was time for dinner which was delicious. After dinner, we went to a show that was described as "fantastic and traditional". It was amazing. It combined traditional dance and drumming with modern humor and music. We all laughed a lot. Rich Bartzick participated (for the second time!) and Jessica and Lexie were also called up to the stage. We had so much fun and today was really amazing. 


So yesterday was pretty cool we had about 2hrs and 30mins of practice which had 20 minute breaks in between that was hard to do because we were all so tired from our concert last night which also happened to be Eileen Lawrence's last performance with my choir. Then after the practice we had a half day tour which was all fine and dandy, but my favorite part was the Korean traditional show I got to give free hugs to an adorable actor and almost lost my voice because I screamed so much. Yesterday was pretty awesome! 


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