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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Vancouver Day 5: International Solo - The Magnificent Seven

We woke up today thinking we had half an hour to get ready until we had to meet downstairs in the lobby at 7:15. But then we get a suddenly get a call saying that the rest of the choir had already left. We rushed around our hotel room trying to get our things ready and we rushed out to meet the rest of the choir. Completely worn out from waking up earlier than usual and running to catch up, we began our morning rehearsal for our solo today. 

Yesterday in preparation for our solo (Magnificent Seven), a couple of people from the choir set out to a dollar store to find the cowboy related attire. We bought 17 straw cowboy hats and headed back feeling pumped up for our solo. This morning we brought in our hats and rehearsed feeling excited to play our solo. Before many of us were feeling intimidated by the other choirs in the earlier mini concerts. However, by the end of our practice we were ready to hit the road with our horses. 

After our second mass rehearsal, it was time. We prepared and set up out attire. Everyone was nervous and also excited. The most important thing was to have fun. As we began our piece, many of us were moving to the beat of the music and dancing. We ended the song with a loud "yeeeeee haw!!!!" and large smiles on everyone's faces. Although we were unsure of how our solo was going to end, we would probably have ended the piece with the biggest smile on our faces. And that is all that really matters in the long run. 

With lots of love Mio and Lexie.

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