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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vancouver Day 3: Learning and Sharing

We were happy to have Maria Ebling arrive safely here in Vancouver! We had an early wake up call and off to the convention center at 8:00 AM. We participated in a massed rehearsal where all the ringers at the symposium gather together in one room and practice the pieces that we will be playing. There are approximately 900 ringers. That is a lot of bells!!

After the massed rehearsal, we participated in different classes. I went to the Writing Chinese Lucky Messages class where we learned how to write messages in Chinese characters using Inc. and brushes. I made some for friends and family. After the Chinese lucky message class, we had lunch at the symposium. Were able to sit with new and old friends and enjoy an amazing lunch from symposium. There were multiple performances by different choirs from around the world showing off their talents. We ended the evening with an amazing concert including the Shoei Girls Choir who received a standing ovation for their rendition of the Nutcracker.


Barbara Brocker, bell tree soloist

 Shoei Girls' High School

David writing Chinese Lucky Messages

 On day three on the biannual handbell symposium, we had our first set of workshops. The workshops are designed specifically for the ringers to enhance there ringing style or ways to make ringing "easier" per say. For example Mio and I did a class called "Groove to the bellz(not a spelling mistake) with the cajón". The cajón is a Peruvian instrument that is essentially a wood box that you hit in different places to make different noises. The class was amazing because we played different pop songs like Katy Perry's fireworks. Today was great and I am so excited for what tomorrow has for us.

On another note I wanted to take this time to thank the families at home that have made this possible. Without you guys we wouldn't have be able to have such a great experience and meet people and learn to things to further enhance our abilities. Thank you and all the love to the families back home!


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