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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 7 Symposium Day 5

Saturday, August 7
Our last day at the symposium was packed with excitement. We spent the morning in the convention center making paper cranes. Everyone made a few so we were able to send over 2000 cranes to the peace park in Hiroshima. Most of our choir didn't know how to make them so several ladies taught us how to fold the paper. One woman even taught Kayla and I how to make origami flowers (which was way more difficult than it looked).

Our friends from Kanto presented us with yet another gift, cards and peace bracelets. The Kanto kids are truly some of the most genuinely kind and generous people I have ever met. We then headed to the event hall for the Sakura final concert. It was great to have the opportunity to watch a symposium concert from the audience instead of just hearing it while ringing. It was an impressive concert and it was more fun because we knew every song in such great detail.

After lunch we quickly changed into our uniforms and had a dress rehearsal. The concert was exciting and it was rewarding to play the pieces well after all those rehearsals. For those of us that are leaving for college it was a little sad but it made the concert all the more special. After the concert we got dressed up for the banquet and closing ceremony. The ceremony consisted of speeches from the leader of each country's handbell association. They thanked the Japanese people for their hospitality, reminisced about the memories that were made over the past few days, and expressed excitement for the next symposium in England. Our last night was filled with laughter and an enormous amount of pictures.


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