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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2 Kyoto and Shabu Shabu

Sunday, August 2
We had breakfast at the hotel, some of us secretly watching the soccer players that had come to stay in the hotel the previous day. Then we left for the bullet train to take us to Kyoto. The train ride was about an hour long and most of slept, or was that just me? We got off the train at Kyoto and started to walk through the city towards Nijojo Castle. It was the hottest day yet so we stopped every so often in the shade or sometimes a store with air conditioning. We finally got to the castle and we started to our walk through.
In the castle we weren't allowed to wear our shoes or even take pictures but it was still absolutely beautiful. The floors squeaked literally all over the castle just in case an assassin tried to sneak in and kill the lords who used to live there. After the walk through some of us went to a rest area for some water and air conditioning, others went to the castle gardens to see the beautiful rock formations and small waterfalls. Somewhere around twelve we left the castle grounds to go the restaurant where we would eat lunch. The restaurant was a traditional Japanese style house, where we got to cook our own food that they gave us on plates. The waitress heated up hot plates for us to cook on, then they brought us beef, vegetables, tofu, and sauces to dip them all in. It was so weird to cook our own food at the table but it tasted so good, and afterward I don't think any of us have ever been that full before. After the beef and vegetables they brought us green tea ice cream and hot green tea.
Soon after eating we left to go to the train station. A few of us went back to the hotel, but most of us stayed to walk around the station for an hour or two. The rest of our last night in Himeji was mostly spent in my room and Kim's, with literally the entire choir, it got very hot in that room very quickly because of all the people.
Kimberly and Grace

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