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Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 3 Symposium Day 1 Opening Ceremony

>Tuesday, August 3
Today we packed up our luggage to board a bus to Osaka. This final bus ride would finally take us to the symposium after a whole week of touring Japan. When we got there we unloaded our luggage and sent it off to our rooms even though we still don't know where they were. We had a boxed lunch then waited for about an hour before we got to set up our bells. We than realized that we were going to switch places with the Hong Kong youth choir to the A section. Before we could set up though, we went to the opening ceremony where we watched the procession of the 6 nations/regions that made up the main handbell association. We also met with the Kanto group that we had spent a few days in Hayama with. We heard the chairman of the association speak and other key members. After the hour long ceremony we had bell rehearsal. We met all of the conductors and got to play all of their pieces. After rehearsal we took a bus to the Exotic Flowers and Birds park. When we got there we saw owls and hanging from the ceiling were so many different kinds of flowers. For food there was sushi, curry, spaghetti, chicken, roast beef, pasta, salad, sandwiches, and watermelons. A while later into the dinner we all started going around and giving our gifts to people from other choirs. とても楽しかった.(it was a lot of fun).
Adam and Greg

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