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Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 4 Symposium Day 2

Wednesday, August 4
After a nice buffet breakfast and morning announcements, we had our first workshop session. Sandra and I went to our first class to learn a Japanese art form called bonseki, which involved stacking rocks and grained sand on a black platform using only a feather, a spoon, and a brush. We used the different sized grains of sand to create a picture of Mt. Fuji. After a great experience in the workshop, we headed for lunch on the twelfth floor where we met with friends and enjoyed beef curry with rice and salad. For the second workshop I (Sandra) went to Kiwis, Kangaroos and Koalas. We made little animals by sewing pieces of felt together. David went to Reading of US Publishers where he had the opportunity to try out different bells while playing a variety of new pieces. From there we joined all the choirs in the main event hall for a solo concert. About 15 choirs performed songs they had worked so diligently on in preparation for the symposium. Everyone did really well, it's always entertaining to watch the Puerto Rican choir play bells and dance simultaneously. After the concert we stayed in the main hall for a memorial service for David Davidson. Handbells was a large part of his life and he was instrumental in planning the first international symposium. We played four beautiful songs and were honored to be the choir to play for the service. We ended the day with a massed rehearsal which went really well. We got the hang of playing with so many other ringers so we all enjoyed working on the pieces. Rehearsal ended at 10:00 so we all headed straight for bed after a very busy day.
David and Sandra

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