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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

The Echo Center in Liverpool

One note rung by 24+ people from choirs from all over the world, the note rising above the tables of bells like a chorus of shared music. The name and the space reverberate with the form and function of this international symposium.  I have been away for several symposiums and had forgotten what it feels like to be surrounded by beautiful bell ringing.  Not that every time I play, that same level of skill always surrounds me; here the directions are given to us in four languages, two of which I understand, and our directors stand tall among the ringers.  24 synchronized choirs, many from the others side of the globe have gathered together to share stories, create friendships, and create music.  

Luckily our traveling bell pads, aka bubble wrap, has been replaced by resilient blue foam.  As you ringers know and have learned, foam is the best padding for a bell table.  Both KCR and Emanuel are next to each other and we are only three rows from the front. The bells and ringers, have arrived safely ready to ring.  

Yesterday we rehearsed ten pieces of music from 2:00 until 7:00, just a little longer than our regular two hour rehearsal.  We did have time for breaks spread out through the afternoon, a true test of our poise, stamina, and flexibility.  We applauded each conductor, for their skill, knowledge, and humorous approach to massed conducting.  The songs sound beautiful in this space, rising to the ceiling with joy, community, and skill.

We know our repertoire;  we are working on infusing the music into the notes on the page.  Just our "cup of tea"!!  Thank you for following our stories, stay tuned for more to come.


Mark White

Opening  Ring

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