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Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Kimberly and Kate

Today we had to be at breakfast at 7:30am to be on the bus by 8am to play at Christ Church. Setting up was a bit of a hassle because we were required to be silent (we weren't allowed to speak) and we didn't have enough tables for all the ringers. We made due by having non-ringers be human music stands to hold the books for the ringers.  We played three songs, which went really well.    The service was a bit different than ours (High-Church, Anglican) and since we were in the front rows we kept looking back at the congregation to see what were supposed to do.  After the service, we got a quick tour of the Cathedral, which was gorgeous!  After we had a quick pack up, we headed back to the hotel. For lunch, we were set free in Chester to eat whatever we wanted. For lunch, I (Kimberly) had a huge burger which was really good!  I tried some fish-n-chips with the people I was with.  Kate had a cheese and ham sandwich, but she didn't like it:(. After we ate, we walked around Chester being tourists and taking pictures of everything!  We also found this really cheap store that was amazing!  We got some cute clothing and even some of us got the same clothing.

At 3:45 we all met up in the lobby of the hotel for our tea tour on the canal. We were greeted by our tour guide,Theo, dressed up in his authentic Roman attire (it was funny). The first thing we noticed, when we got on the boat, was the food! The Roman guy, Theo, explained to us what his weapons were used for and the history of Chester.  When we started our journey down the canal, he put on a video about Chester while we ate our delicious food. We docked during our journey for the tour guys to explain to us what the locks are for and what they do. When we got back from the tea tour, we had a bunch of free time to eat dinner. We went into town to get dinner but most of the restaurants were closed, so we ate back at the hotel. The dinner was really good! Then it was lights out at 11:00 pm and we were passed out!

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