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Friday, August 5, 2016

Whistler Day 11: Final Performance, Mountain Highs, Birthday Surprise

Today we performed at the Fairmont Chateau in Whistler at noon. This concert was a bit of a smaller turnout but it was a little bit sad as we said goodbye to Jake and Chris. Jake is going to college this fall and it was his last concert and Chris is retiring this year. 

 Afterwards we went up Mount Whistler on a gondola. We then did the peak to peak gondola to gondola which was 4.4 kilometers unsupported over a valley 1000+ feet below. 

After getting down the mountain mostly calm we went and got Canadian  pizza. The difference? There wasn't much but it was good. Is there anything else I'm forgetting? Oh right! It's my birthday, as of now it seems everyone else is scheming to do something at dinner right now.


We started the day off with a breakfast at the hotel, then met up in the lobby to quickly go over some musical notes (no pun intended.) Anyways, we headed up to the nearby hotel for our final performance of the tour. After a quick "knuckle-through" of the pieces, we gave a wonderful performance for the people who happened to stop by. I honestly thought this was my favorite performance of the trip, and it was a great way for me to end my handball career (for now at least.)

Afterwards, we went out on our own for lunch. I spend my afternoon at a wonderful bakery called Hot Buns (not my first choice for a name, but whatever) and had a delicious crepe with some of the other members of the choir. The tome had then come to face my fear of heights once again; we were headed up the nearby Whistler mountain in a very rickety gondola headed up the mountain. Once again I was forced to stare my fear in the eyes, and once more I came out on top. At the top, the view was gorgeous. Snow capped peaks and amazing vistas distracted my from the thought "Oh my God I'm gonna fall any minute now." But the worst was yet to come. Just like the Capilano suspension bridge (which I ALSO blogged about, coincidentally), we attended another high-flying view: the Peak 2 Peek railcar experience.

This railcar ran between the top of the maintain and a nearby peak, giving a beautiful view of the valley below while the car goes at a speed of about 25 feet/sec. I swear, I'm cursed with all the days with high oriented attractions to take pictures of. Anyways, once we arrived at the base of the mountain, we headed to the hotel for a quick power nap, then headed to the Brewhouse, a nearby restaurant. There, we were treated to endless pizza and soda while we celebrated the birthday of someone in our choir (hint: he's also doing the blog for today. Fancy that!)

Finally, we returned to the hotel to prepare to leave tomorrow. All on all, it was a very good way to round out the trip, and although I love it here in Canada, I do miss home. So, see you later, friends and fans.


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