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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Victoria Day 8: Sea Voyage, Gardens and History

Today is Monday August 1st. Today started with us going on the bus to bring us to the ferry that brought us to Victoria island, where we'd spend our day. Seeing and being on a ferry that could hold multiple buses, and on multiple floors, and still have other stores was really amazing to think about, and the boat ride itself was a a experience as well (arcades help). 

Once we got to Victoria island we went to the wonderful Butchart Gardens which, was an amazing time because seeing all of the plants and flowers the regular gardens was beautiful. The Japanese garden was an especially serene scene. We then proceeded to have tea and cookies during the afternoon. After the gardens we went to the parliament building of British Columbia. It was almost spooky how close Canadian history is to US history. After the parliament building we had a successful practice and after that we had a free evening to have dinner, where we split up and tried many restaurants.

-Alex, Andrew 

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