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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Getting Ready: Pre-Trip Rehearsals

With the excursion to South Korea less than a week away, we gathered at Emanuel Lutheran Church on Wednesday night for the first of three consecutive rehearsals. For many of us, it was our first time ringing bells in about a month, so it was good to get back in the groove of things before our big journey. After rehearsal, ringers and chaperones gathered together to discuss guidelines for the trip. We talked about preventing jet lag (when preparing meals in the days beforehand, just remember “Protein-Protein-Carbs!”), the weather (bracing for heavy humidity and temperatures as high as 97 degrees!), and concert attire when performing at the DMZ (no sandals or shorts for us). We also practiced some basic Korean words and phrases – below are some of the ones we’ll be commonly using:

·       Ye (or Ne) = Yes

·       AneeYo = No

·       Anyung Haseyo = Hello

·       Anyunghee Gaseyo = Goodbye (if you’re staying and the other party is leaving, or you both leave)

·       Anyunghee Geseyo = Goodbye (if you’re leaving and the other party is staying)

·       Gamsa Ham nee da = Thank You

·       Mat ItuhYo = This is delicious

·       Hwajangshil uhdee It seo yo? = Where is the bathroom?

Author: Adam Shuler, Riverside Ringers

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