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Thursday, July 31, 2014

First Full Day

Today we did a lot of tours and shopping. We toured a Korean Palace, Seoul, and a Buddhist temple.  We went to the river and got our feet wet (some fell in and got their upper body wet as well), and we went to two markets. At breakfast, Caleb had to teach me how to use the jam.  You have to fold it to open it, and then squeeze it onto whatever you're putting it on. At the palace there was even a room where you weren't allowed to have your shoes on! There was also a Korean cultural dance that started a little before we left, and went on until we had gone te the temple.

We went to the Korean tower observatory. It was really high, so we had to take an elevator up, which wasn't fun since I don't like elevators. The view at the observatory was amazing, though. You could see the city, and mountains in the distance. Straight below you, smaller than gnats, you could see all the little people where you were just standing, waiting for the elevator, or having just gotten off it.


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  1. Congratulations, Rachel, on overcoming your fear of elevators. Wish I were with you - GR