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Friday, July 19, 2013

Mission Trip Monday, July 8, 2013

Sadly - only a partial group photo this morning - maybe at lunch we can get the group together!

We arrived at the SALT office behind the Reformed Church in Schoharie and split into three groups: the barn group, the demolition group and the lunch group. 

Ginger, Miyako and Eiko were the lunch crew. We went grocery shopping and prepared lunch before the troops returned to church. The lunch crew God Sighting today: Shopping to feed twenty took longer than expected but when we arrived at the church to unload and prepare for the arrival of the rest of the group who were scheduled to arrive within the hour - Sara and her daughter came and were a great help in preparing lunch and navigating an unfamiliar kitchen. 

The barn group went to a farm where we helped unload wood from the barn and also helped load other things into the truck. Everyone in the group agreed that we saw God in the dog. The dog's name was Yingling and the whole time we were working the dog was following us. The dog was always cheerful and watching us. He made everyone that was working there happy and he brought a positive attitude to the table. While we were in line to carry wood he would be next to us and everyone would pet him. 

The demolition group. We took down walls and pulled up floors, the first floor of this house was destroyed due to water rushing into the back of the house from the road above, there was a big slope downward from the road right behind the house, nothing much had been done in the house since Irene hit and the family (husband, wife,and child) were living elsewhere. The wife came by with a friend while we were working and was overheard telling her friend that she was so excited she was going to cry, some of the kids really liked doing demolition. The God sighting at theis worksite was a flower in the rubble which symbolized that among all the hurt and destruction, the flower showed a new beginning and hope.

After lunch and clean up we headed out to Bob's cousin's family dairy farm, Danforth's, and had a wonderful tour of this family farm now in it's 7th generation. (It was begun in 1817.) We saw the plant where they make yogurt and butter. Their brand, Cowbella butter, is sold at the Pleasantville's farmer's market! The Jersey cows were milked and some of us, following Sandi's lead, hand milked Daisy the cow. Two week old kittens were also popular attraction, as well as the very cool tree house, Charlie the dog, and a sampling of kefir, their drinkable yogurt.

Ending the day eating at a local eatery, Amy's. Part of our plan was to patronize as many local businesses as possible to help in the economic recovery as well. We ate great food outside on picnic benches while the weather cooperated and then had delicious ice cream for dessert. 

We ended the day back at the hotel gathering to discuss the day's events and our God sightings.

Allison, Erica, and Marianne

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