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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mission Trip Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The whole group returned to Fort Plains to help out with the destroyed houses. We started out at a home next to the creek where we saw various debris along the sides. It was powerful to see the creek and debris firsthand. We split into two groups where one group stayed at the property and mucked out the basement while the other group returned to Renee's house to complete the removal of all her drywall from floor to ceiling. Seeing the house destroyed was very emotional for Renee, and also for the rest of us. We saw that the destruction the flood had caused extended far beyond mud in the basement- not only into the extent of the house from floor to ceiling, but into the hearts of those who lived in Fort Plains. By the time we left for the day we completed taking out all the dry wall and sweeping it onto the curb. We were all sweaty and exhausted by the end of the day's work, but it was extremely worthwhile when we thought about the help we provided.

Many of the homes are condemned in the town - though from the outside they look unaffected, their foundations have all collapsed due to the water which makes the structure unsafe to live in. Those houses needed to be torn down and rebuilt completely. It was awful to see how many families lives were uprooted.

For lunch, we walked a few doors down to New York Pizza. As soon as we went to lunch it began to rain, and by the time lunch was over it had ended. Some would say good timing - others would say a God Sighting.

At this point a small group of us went to Barbara's friend, Linda's home where she owns horses and taught us how to ride. Thanks to Barbara and Sonja who helped Linda get all 5 horses ready for us to ride! We ended our time there with root beer floats. God's spirit was present in the hospitality and joy of our time there.

The rest of the group returned to the hotel, to relax and do laundry.

In the evening we ordered our own food but ate together in a conference room provided but the hotel. The community time with the whole congregation was great.

The evening ended with several games of bowling (alley conveniently located in the hotel). We had a blast! A game of monopoly was also played that evening!

Kate and Sonja

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