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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mission Trip Sunday July 7, 2013

Here are my God Sightings so far - and I am sure there were more by others.

- a blessing by our church family at Emanuel 
- arriving safely to the hotel despite the motorcyclists getting caught in a torrential downpour and hail, (one of them was literally pouring water out of his boots), one of the cars getting stuck in traffic for an hour before daringly crossing the median, and another getting to Cobleskill via NJ and PA.
- the United Prebyterian Church of Schohaire allowing us to use their space for our lunches, some dinner and meetings.
- Sara Cipperly(with the help of her daughter and mother) providing us a welcome package with maps and menus so we can get around and patronize the local businesses, for her tour of her church and the damage caused and the repairs that were done
- our Emanuel Family and friends who helped with our fundraising so that we were able to cover most of our housing cost for the week
- our time of devotion and fellowship together
- during the tour of the church, the beautiful stained glass windows around the church - none were damaged during the storm. This was amazing as the church was filled 6 feet high with water and none of the floating debris broke the windows
- a million dollars of damage to the church and its buildings and only $100,000 was covered by insurance and monies from the Presbytery. How is that a God Sighting? Despite that, the church continues through the donation of pews, chairs, hymnals, skilled and non-skilled workers who gave of their time, including weekly workdays to get things done.
- the buffet dinner that could accommodate 20 of us and the downpour that subsided so we could get back to our cars.

So many more things are planned for the week - with many more God sightings to come. 

(did not get our group shot in today - planning on tomorrow!)

(I am late in posting as my Dad is the one who is usually the webmaster - I may have to ask him to do it from home if I cannot do it from here! Also pictures to follow - another thing I forgot to ask Dad about how to do before I left!)


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