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The Emanuel Ringers is part of the music ministry from Emanuel Lutheran Church in Pleasantville, New York. This handbell group is comprised of ringers ranging from 8 and up. We ring on 5 octaves of Schulmerich handbells and 7 octaves of Malmark handchimes. We welcome all who want to learn how to ring, you do not have to be a member of the church to participate. Contact Eiko at emanuelringers@gmail.com for more information about our Music Ministry at Emanuel

Sunday, August 7, 2022

DAY 15 (NASHVILLE, TN) August 7, 2022

Today was our last day in Nashville before we head back to New York tomorrow. We started the day by going to various workshops. Most of us went to a Mahjong workshop; Mahjong is a complex yet entertaining tile game from Asia. Then, we got started on the dress rehearsal for our last day of ringing. We then had a few hours for lunch, in which we headed to the mall for some Panda Express and Smoothies. Then, after we were all fueled up, we headed back to the ringing hall for our final concert! It went off without a hitch; there were over 1,000 people watching the livestream. It is always an amazing experience to be able to play with so many ringers from all over the globe. We could not be more appreciative for all your support to make something like this happen! All the ringers then got together for a gala where we had dinner and had to say goodbye to all of our fellow ringers and conductors. There was a closing ceremony, including a final chord. What an amazing, unique, and unforgettable experience.
Today's reporters are Noreen & Jordan

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