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The Emanuel Ringers is part of the music ministry from Emanuel Lutheran Church in Pleasantville, New York. This handbell group is comprised of ringers ranging from 8 and up. We ring on 5 octaves of Schulmerich handbells and 7 octaves of Malmark handchimes. We welcome all who want to learn how to ring, you do not have to be a member of the church to participate. Contact Eiko at emanuelringers@gmail.com for more information about our Music Ministry at Emanuel

Saturday, August 6, 2022

DAY 14 (NASHVILLE, TN) August 6, 2022

This morning we woke up and went to our last massed rehearsal before the concert tomorrow. It went mostly well but there are a few songs *cough* Luna *cough*. Eunkyung was the translator for the Korean director, and we were so proud of her. We all took a group photo, linking hands in the process. It took a while for “Billiam” (William “Bill” Payn) to get there for the photo but all went well. We then went to our second to last workshop of the symposium. We did needle knot making and made cool necklaces. We had lunch at the local pizza place, and went to our next portion of the rehearsal. We had a secret meeting after to talk about some info, or so Sarah, Eiko, and Scott thought. We instead gave them gifts for all the hard work they have done to prepare us for the trip. (We love you guys, but you know that). After a long day of rehearsing and hard work, we had the awesome opportunity to listen to other choirs and individuals play solos like we had a few other days at the symposium as well. All of the ringers were amazing and super talented, my personal favorite was the Bellaholics from Hong Kong with one of their pieces featuring them practically flying across the table malleting bells. After the solos we had free time to hang out and relax, many of us split off and had some food and shopped a bit or got some rest. A bunch of us even played crimes against handbells to pass the time. After getting some Mcdonald’s for dinner everyone settled in and it got late pretty quick.
Today's reporters are Kayla & George

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