Emanuel Ringers

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018



Today was an early day as we wanted time to practice our solo piece! We all boarded the bus for 7:45 and we were able to iron out wrinkles in our song. Then it was time for massed ringing. Each of the conductors had 25 minutes to conduct their pieces, and we were all able to get through all 9 before lunch.
After we had eaten lunch, it was time to go to the rainforestation, to experience the aboriginal culture. We arrived at about 3pm after a winding bus ride took us up a steep incline. The first thing we saw was a dance show showcasing multiple dances used by the aboriginals in different situations, like a greeting or in war. After that, we split up to learn how to throw a boomerang, throw spears, and use a didgeridoo. Once we finished up, we went into an animal inclosure with dingos, wallabies, and crocodiles, until it was time for dinner. After we had eaten dinner, which was delicious, it was time to hit the dance floor, as all of the kids went to dance with a live band! This went on until about 8:30 which was when we went on the bus ride back down to the hotel!
Asher and Jordan

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