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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 26, Tokyo Sightseeing tour

July 26 So today we had more toast. We also had potato salad, meat omelet, sausage, salad and we had fruit and veggie juice for breakfast. Prior to that we hosted morning worship, we sang Be Thou My Vision and read from the bible. Today we went to the Tokyo Tower, which was huge, a lot bigger than what I had expected. The view from the top was amazing, you could see everything from up there and the people looked like ants. I ended up walking down over 600 steps to the bottom which was tiring but good exercise. After the Tokyo Tower we went to Asakusa, Nakamisedori(literally translates as inside shop street) with a whole bunch of small stores with some great souvenirs and other stores with really good sweets. The row of shops led to the Senso-ji Temple where we cleansed ourselves with water and covered our heads with incense to give us good health. We also threw coins to pay our respects. We also passed through the Kaminarimon Gate and saw the wind god and thunder god on either side. Most people bought souvenirs to bring back home. In between shopping we went to a restaurant with great food, better than the food in the U.S. The only problem I had was eating the chow mein with chopsticks. It ended up being a great trip to Tokyo. We had a two hour bus ride back to Seminar House. When we got back we had an hour break and some people walked to the beach and went swimming. I went and we were in the water for a half hour and it was very relaxing. We walked back and had another practice and went over three pieces,which went well. After polishing the bells we talked about what we were doing for the next few days and I'm very excited.

Kimberly and David

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