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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Jessica and Allison

Of course the day I write again, nothing One Direction related happened. Anyways, the day started with Allison and I not getting our first wake up call at 6:50. After receiving our back-up one from the front desk, it took us only 5 minutes to turn on the TV and get dressed while half asleep. We were exhausted from the day before and went to sleep late so we obviously wanted to stay in bed longer. Let me take a moment to tell you how AMAZING our hotel room is. We have a handicapped room just like the first hotel. So it's bigger than everyone else's and the bathroom can fit a full grown elephant. We went downstairs to breakfast.  The food was amazing, like always. We had croissants, which we eat about 2 or 3 every morning- that's how good they are. We also had muffins,fruit and milk. While we ate we watched the Olympics. I think I can say for everyone, it's not fun watching them, when all you hear about is GB and pretty much nothing about America. We walked about 50 feet to the arena. When we got there we went right to our seats and waited. We sat for five minutes then played for ten minutes to practice our  song for the solo concert later that day. There was a worship service which felt long due to all the translations. Then we played massed rehearsals for an hour which was followed by a 20 minute break. We spent 1.70£ on a chocolate pastry. We then went one floor up to our first workshop. We were a bit late so the 5 of us got split up between the tables. We had go make greeting cards. I(Jessica) sat with a lady from Florida, a mother and her daughter with 2 friends from a choir from Pennsylvania and a very nice Japanese lady that used to go to Emanuel and play bells for 5 years, 20 years ago!  While Allison sat next to folks from SanFran and a Japanese violinist in college. We made greeting cards in the shape of bells. It was quite hard at first, and it's not going to be easier to explain. But it was so fun getting to know other people. After that our second workshop was Line Dancing. We learned 3 dances and it was so fun to dance with all our friends. It was also great because when we didn't get it, neither did any of us, so we all goofed around but after doing it over and over we finally got it- sort of. After that it was lunch, nothing special happened. The food was nothing special either. And guess what, more bells after that. Then a break- then more bells. But dinner was fun. We invited two girls from Hong Kong to sit with us. We had a long conversation, and One Direction(the best British-Irish boy band ever) did come into play, but didn't stay long because no one wanted to hear me talk more about them(yes I've been talking about them that much)and the girls didn't know about them. After exchanging emails and stories we left to play bells one last time for the night. Before heading back the hotel, we watched a concert from a choir from Japan who was absolutely flawless. They played lots of songs including songs from Sound Of Music and Sister Act 2. We then went back to our room, exhausted from the day we had. Just to let you know the TV commercials here are very weird. So are the shows. Its 12, so bed time! bye!

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