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Friday, August 8, 2014

Symposium Day 4

Today was an exciting day because it was one day before the big concert. Because of this, there was a long practice in the morning. We practiced most for our songs for about three hours. Soon there after, we enjoyed the third solo concert of the symposium. We then finished off our final two workshops for Korea. After a great dinner we went on a special trip from the ICC to the beach which was about twenty minutes away. After we returned, we listened to the final solo concert in the main hall.


Much happened today on the fourth day of the symposium. After a delicious breakfast provided by the hotel, we boarded our bus (which was "F" for fantastic) and headed down to the ICC. We practiced for a solid two hours or so, where we ran through most of the pieces we will be playing tomorrow. Next, we were treated to a concert of the solos of other bell choirs. After a delicious meal provided by the ICC (spaghetti and sauce, yum yum!) we finished off our assigned workshops. Some of us got to dance like Psy to Gangnam Style while others made hats out of felt that were made to look like bells (everyone but me seemed to make a great hat). Afterwards, we had a great dinner provided by the ICC, and some of us even went down to the beach! Well, it was more of a view of the beach, along with getting sprayed by sea water, but it was fun nonetheless. Unfortunately, though, some of us got TOO close to the beach and had to walk back to the conference center a bit damp. After another solo concert by some choirs we were all tired and ready to head back to our hotel. It's hard to believe that tomorrow is really the symposium! It seemed like it was still two weeks away just yesterday. Despite being a bit under the weather yesterday, I was able to return to the "land of the living" today and take part in all the fun activities. Well, I better finish up now. Big day tomorrow! 

- Jake White

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